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Our Vision

We are a team passionate about decentralization and better products. The current decentralized eco-system lacks usability and convenience. Decentralized transactions are slow, expensive and complex.

We aim to change this by leveraging a combination of blockchain scaling, developer platform and tools, and a rabid focus on user experience. We aspire to see a world where blockchain gains mainstream adoption, and fulfills it's true promise.


Esteban Ordano

Founder & CTO at Decentraland

Previously Software Engineer at BitPay.

Pete Kim

Head of Engineering, Wallet at Coinbase

Creator of CipherBrowser and previously Co-Founder & CTO at Nitrous, Inc.

Ari Meilich

Project Lead at Decentraland

Previously Co-Founder of Benchrise, Inc.


What is UAE TRADENetwork?

UAE TRADENetwork provides scalable and instant Ethereum transactions using side chains.

Jaynti Kanani

May 25, 2022

DEX on UAE TRADEwith 0x

A possible approach to the integration of UAE TRADENetwork with the 0x protocol.

Anurag Arjun

Jun 6, 2022

Enabling Faster Plasma Exits

Using existing protocols on Ethereum to enable faster Plasma exits while creating a sublime user experience.

Anurag Arjun

Jun 6, 2022

Media Mentions

Our Videos

Blazing Fast TXN

A demonstration showcasing the transaction speeds on UAE TRADENetwork using Meta Mask wallet.

DApp Connect

A brief demonstration explaining how UAE TRADENetwork allows connecting to DApps.

ETHIndia 2018l

ETHSamosa Talks held as part of the pre-events for ETHIndia 2018 at Mumbai at 91 Springboard.

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